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Prof. Peter Sommer    
Excerpt from the speech to the award „Im Namen der Lippischen Rose“ 2006

„...the artist writes about her work:
The Sculpture Nabelstein (umbilical stone) is based on pattern of growth of the Rosa canina. The steps lead following the course of a five star into the interior of the stone. The petals of the wild rose build a spiral-shaped course on the receptacle.
If one would number and connect the petals to each other as they are arranged in order, a regular five-star would arise.

The stone sculpture convinces with minimalist exactingness and a genuine implementation of the structure of a rose into a plastic form, awesome opening up the creation of the interior.“

A Fleeting Dream
Excerpt from the catalogue of the exhibition „paradis“ 2011

In her art-work sculptress Anja Matzerath makes references to a panel painting from the 15th century, called „Paradiesgärtlein” (Garden of Paradise). The fragile paper elements – formed, rolled and arranged – appear as a physical realisation of a plant and animal world full of meaning, which can be found in the enclosure of a gothic paradise garden. Peony, lily and wild rose, just as kingfisher and butterfly refer symbolically to attributes of Mary the Mother of God. However, Anja Matzerath transfers the image of this paradise garden from the historic-cultural context of gothic adoration of the Virgin Mary. Her concept points to the possibility of a transcendent space, which holds ideas of truthfulness and integrity. In the physical realisation of this utopian space, the glass cathedral allows the discovery of a fragile object of high value, which is beheld with an attitude of clarity and attentiveness.

A Fleeting Dream - Eisvogel